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Here Ye, Hear Ye, B&B Inks!

What Color ???

  • A Blue Black with a hint of Aqua or Red

  • Fire Engine Red

  • A Green similar to MB British Racing Green

  • A muted Blue similar to the blue stripes in the B&B logo

  • Art is King

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What do you think, a special ink by Noodlers made for B&B and labeled as such. Either Bulletproof or not, any interest ????

To get this going 144 bottles of 1 color will need to be ordered. Noodlers is sold in a 3 oz bottle and the price would be around 12.00 per bottle plus shipping and a small fee for packing. a donation would be made to B&B for every bottle sold. This will be run as a Group Buy.

Please vote in the poll as to the color.


B&B Tease-in-Residence
This is excellent news. I would love to see a rich blue ink offered that is at least Eternal. I know I would probably be up for at least two bottles of the blue.

Would I be off base to see color samples offered when the decision is made on what ink?

Cant wait to see what is picked.

BTW, Noodlers Zhivago is almost a dead on ringer for BRG, I have both and can hardly tell the difference.
Wow, that's a really cool idea :thumbup1:

You can count me in, but I'd prefer pretty much anything but red. Blue sounds nice, so does an aqua black combo, more aqua than black. Personally I prefer the more bulletproof inks Noodler's puts out since I use them in hostile environments (university chemistry/other science labs).
Although Bulletproof B&B Blue does sound like a cool color, I'd prefer non-bulletproof

I have this issue with getting ink EVERYWHERE ON MY HANDS! Just ask Brian...
Sounds awesome! I'd be in for at least two bottles. I like the muted blue option, but there are a whole lot of blues out there. Perhaps something different would be an easier sell. As for bulletproof or not, I don't really mind either way.


B&B Tease-in-Residence
I would love to see a blue that is a deep blue rather than the purple blue that almost everything seems to have now a days.
We should consider getting this stuff in the eye-dropper bottle with the nifty little freebie eye-dropper pens that Noodler's often includes with their inks.

I like the first option and think that the other colours aren't as great for an everyday use ink.
I'd be in for a few.
I agree that there are a lot of nice blues out there already.
The first option sounds cool.
The green might be of interest as well.

Yay! something to get excited about! :w00t:
I'd love a BRG-style green, but I'll buy one of whatever comes out on top, just to support the effort. Especially if it has a custom label. I envision a badger and a catfish, bare-knuckle boxing. :thumbup:
I like the idea of a Bulletproof ink as I do not have any yet, and love the idea of the blue-black with a bit of tint.
Like Ottoman Azure Noodlers, only slightly more blue. Something between Ottoman Azure and Luxury Blue would be great.

Definitely bulletproof. Definitely B&B branded.
I'd be in for a bottle.

But I think the poll should have been on the type. It sounds like that is the bigger question! Me? I'm flexible.
I would be up for a bottle no matter what you finally decide on. Excellent price!

I would strongly prefer not bullet proof.

As far as colors, preference-wise, I am probably "none of the above." I would love a pure black, very dark--without blue--with either green or red overtones. Something like NI Zhivago, only not bullet proof!

Th BRG might be okay, too. Especially if it like the NI reformulated, not the original, vintage Army green. That is, I would want more true green with little olive to it! Darker is better!

Thanks so much B for working on this.
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