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Henri et Victoria La Poire Francaise Shaving Soap used with Old Spice Aftershave

I used Henri et Victoria's La Poire Francaise shaving soap today for the first time. I found the scent a little weird as I could not figure out what it smelled like, I later discovered it was pear based. While I was shaving, I found the scent, okay and it grew on me, but not loving it until I used Old Spice Aftershave original scent. I have to say that these two products work great together to the point I loved using the two products together.

Has anyone else tried these two products together and what did you think of the shaving soap by itself and how did you like the shaving soap when used in conjunction with Old Spice Aftershave original scent?


Check Out Chick
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I have not tried either really. My last use of Old Spice Aftershave would be in the 1980's. I think it might have changed a little by now. I am glad that you found a combination that you like.
Sounds great! :a14::a14:

BTW, I believe that ‘poire’ is the French word for pear, so the scent would be appropriate.
I have not tried this soap but I love the brand and just ordered the soap with the matching balm. Will give it a go when it comes in! I have some old spice AS and will try it out!
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