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Help With Samples

So I just got my TOBS sample pack from maggards and I'm really excited but not exactly sure how to use it with it being in such small containers. I'm used to using either a puck of Williams or some CO bigellow so any help would be very appreciated
I think an awful lot of samples are only good to judge scent. TThe more useful ones I've received either send
a Baggie of grated soap or a thin horizontal puck slice. The llittle chunks are less useful. You
could just use like a stick. Alternately, you could grate it into a sshallow wide container
if you get cream samples, just scoop some out into a bowl. If you get soap shavings, you can always press the hard into the bottom of a bowl, then try to lather them with your brush.
Creams - use per your normal process, whether that's a ginger scoop into a bowl, on the brush or straight to your face. Lather away

Croaps - I scoop the entire sample out and push into the bottom of a mug/bowl and lather it like I would a full sized version. The only drawback is that you have to use the entire sample till its done (of get lots of bowls)

Hard soap - if its and small irregular sized piece I would grate it and form it into a bowl. Any old cheese grater will suffice, just watch those fingers! If its pre shredded, all the better.

Hope that helps a bit.
For cream samples and the full size tubs I repurposed a popsicle stick to scoop out the product. I found this much neater than using a brush or my fingers. For hard soaps I press the sample into the bottom of a bowl and use as a normal puck. So far I have not had to deal with grating soap.
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