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Help with next aggressive razor

I'd need some help with my next razor. I shave every other day, I'd say I have a coarse beard and sensitive skin. Unfortunately, my hair grows almost parallel to my skin. If I think about going ATG on the neck, I get ingrown hairs. On the cheeks ATG isn't an issue (riding the cap). Contrary to other people, I have found that aggressive razors with sharp blades work best for me. I mostly use the R41 (german wilkinson, permasharp, ruby, etc), or the 37C (feather mostly, many blades work well with it, I just prefer the feather). With the R41 I can do a 2 pass shave, and I get almost BBS (DFS+ maybe) on the face, and maybe DFS on the neck. I gave up on getting BBS on the neck. I could do it, but at a cost, it isn't worth the price... With the 37C, I do 3 passes on the face, and 2 on the neck. The R41 is closer on the neck, but on the face the ATG pass results in true BBS.
I have to say I love the slant for its smoothness, if I could get one, that also allows me to do 2 passes only, I'd be happy. I have tried the Fatip open comb slant, but it wasn't as close as the R41, and I got irritation from it, so I need something else.
I'm not afraid of aggression, I don't mind the bladefeel during the save, if I get no irritation afterwards :)
Here's a list of what crossed my mind:
- Razorock Wunderbar: will I get a 2pass DFS+ with it? it is a bit pricey here, so I have to be absolutely sure before investing ~200 EUR. Currently only the titanium handle is available, but probably I'd prefer another stainless handle, if I could get one. Any experience with the Titanium handle?
- Merkur Futur: the size worries me a bit, and the slippery handle too.
- Rex Ambassador: I just love how this looks, I'd probably talk myself into it sooner or later, if I knew it is aggressive enough. again, 2 pass BBS? I wouldn't invest 250EUR to just look at it, no matter how much I appreciate it...
- ... ?
Others that I crossed out:
- Rockwell 6S/6C: in general, many like it, but there are some negative comments too. MEH... I don't feel the urge, as with the Rex :)
- Merkur Progress / Parker Variant: probably fine razors, but I'd like to get THE razor. I can get good shaves with the current ones, I don't need just another razor.

Please also note that it should be readily available in the EU (Continental Europe now), as I don't wan't to do anything with customs, declarations, VAT, etc..

I'm not in a hurry, still just considering what to get.

Thanks for reading, it got a bit TLDR;

p.s.: I don't want to spend >200 Eur if I don't need to. If there is something that is 25 bucks, shoot, it doesn't need to be stainless either.

p.s.2: Razorock Gamechanger also crossed my mind, .84 SB, or OC, but I think it is not that aggressive.
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I have the REX Ambassador, and stiff gray growth. With some changes in technique, it's very easy to get BBS with two passes with the REX...without having to crank it wide open either. I have a Timeless 0.95 OC, and that usually takes three passes, sometimes with a fresh/sharp blade two with significant touch-ups.

Set on 3-3.5, the REX is easily as efficient as the R41 Clone I have, beats my Timeless, and is easier on the face to boot. Not quite as smooth as a Rockwell 6S (I use plate R6), but pretty darn smooth and comfortable. First pass for me is ear to chin on the neck area, and jaw upwards (ATG) on everything else, other than the mustache area, can't just go strait up there. Then follow with an upward pass on the neck, and downward on the face, plus of course the ATG on the mustache area. - BBS nearly every time in two passes, with a quick feel/touch-up for any missed areas.

If I crank it open, DFS/DFS+ in one pass is possible, at the risk of a nick/weeper, if I'm not paying attention. Given I sometimes forget myself and apply pressure, I've been keeping her down around 3.5 on the dial, making it near impossible to to generate a nick or cut, at least for me.
I have the merkur futur gold, rex ambassador, and rockwell

Merkur futur is very efficient and comfortable as is the Rex Ambassador. I can get bbs in 2 passes sometimes with or without pick up. I can get a dfs with either in one pass.

Highly recommend them

- Fayiz D.
There are not many options if you limit your search to continental Europe. Anything except for Merkur, Mühle, Tatara, Seygus, Homelike (and a handful of others I forgot) are available only at overseas webshops.
A reasonable solution would be a vinatge razor, preferably French (these are the most effective) or almost any early single edge razor.
The Rockwell 6S/C isn't aggressive or super efficient (for me at least) at all and I wouldn't recommend it. The Pearl Flexi adjustable is an affordable option to the Rex Ambassador and so far everyone agrees that it shaves the same or even better. Another good option might be the Lupo .95.
Another vote for the Rex Ambassador, and second choice the Pearl Flexi (which would probably be more economical for you in every respect). I have both- I prefer the Rex, but as Medivh notes, the shave quality form both is essentially indistinguishable.
Edit: I've owned the majority of vintage aggressive razors that aren't extremely rare (L'Essor Supreme being one I'm watching for), Le Coc Caged Comb, Famex, Myatt Minor, Funken, several others I can't remember off the top of my head.

The only two that immediately come to mind as being both comfortable and highly efficient are the Myatt Minor and Funken.

The risk with vintage is always a history of repair to the comb or cap, of which you are unaware, which can significantly change the razor's performance.
Before you go and waste a lot of money I'd go with the Yaqi knight helmet first then even more aggressive the Yaqi slant top agressive.

I went from the R41 to the Yaqi helmet. dcosmetic has a nice timeless clone in copper/brass/titanium that shaves better than them all.
I think you should give the Yaqi double open comb slant a try. Yes, it looks a bit scary, but it may surprise you. It's also very inexpensive, so you're not risking much by giving it a try. Other pricier recommendations would be the Blackland Dart (not sure about availability outside the USA), Muhle Rocca and Edwin Jagger 3one6. 1615929480297.png
I agree with the above post on Yaqi slant. I have one. I also had the super aggressive Ikon Tech, which is like a straight razor with a handle. I can't recommend the Ikon as I could only use mine twice due to all the bleeding, and sold it. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. But this Yaqi slant is nearly as aggressive, yet not so bad that I want to sell it. I will shave with it again when I get up the courage. Good news it the bleeding is much less. If you really need aggressive cutting, this will do it. Good razors were mentioned but I have tried some of them and this Yaqi beats them in aggressiveness. Just get the head and use your handle. And it's kind of cheap from China, too.
Yaqi Slant Double Edge Safety Razor Head Chrome Traditional Classic Shave | eBay
If you're willing to spend a lot more:
Fine Accoutrements Fine Slant Razor – Smallflower
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