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Help with new ever ready acquisition.

Greetings folks....was hopefully looking for help with info on a $5.00 antique shop purchase.....all I know right now is its an ever ready lmao...I've been away for a few weeks in the hospital and am getting back into the swing of things....I've actually made some purchases from some excellent badgers on here, but haven't even been able to open their Packages that were all sent in a timely manner.....P.S...you don't know how important your liver is until it starts backfiring like a panhead with a bad magneto lol (showing my age now).....kindest regards....Eric...
Sorry to hear about your liver condition. Hopefully you'll recover fast !

The razor is one of the better shavers which use a Gem blade. It's called an Ever Ready 1912 because of its patent year. IMHO it shaves better and smoothed than a Gem Jr. Razor.

You can buy carbon steel blades or Persona PTFE coated triple faceted Gem blades from try a blade.
Nice looking 1912 model, that is a mid range razor and have been used by millions(sold millions) over the decades in in their glory days.
I will leave some information because owners pamphlets are usually long gone and do not use that old blade because you will be disappointed. You can buy blades from Connaught shaving UK and have them shipped to your home, they are a very reliable on line shaving retailer. I would suggest brand new blades because you will get great results and are very reasonably priced and including shipping I have found. I use the Gem Personna SS PTFE coated blades and they are sharp and last a long time.
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Gem instruction manual (2).jpg
Gem procedure (2).jpg
Gem Personna blades.jpg

Have some great shaves!
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Thank you kind sirs for the quick response....your information basically covers all my questions.....and Ron r, thank you for the links with all that quality reading ill no doubt have all my questions answered....thanks again to BB...and the folks here....
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