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Help with neck SHAVING!

Hello all!

I need some help with getting a better shave on my neck. I have tried so much and still not getting that quality shave. The hair on my neck grows flat against my skin and in a vertical direction. it is impossible to go ATG and not have a bloodbath and lots of irritation, even after 1 Pass WTG the next XTG, I cant go ATG to get a smother shave. the Blade will stick and jump, even with a feather blade.

My prep is solid, shower, then with slightly damp face I apply Proraso Pre Shave. I have used multiple different razors IE fat boy, slim, Gillette SS, maggard MR18. probably over 15 different blade brands. probably into the 25 count range of soap. Finding TOBS cream works the best. I have tried Pre shave oil and I think that made the irritation worse. I tried cold water shaving, didn't help. Tried skin tugging in every direction still didn't help. there is no pressure except the razor weight and I use a super shallow angle as well. What else can I try!? Please help DE shave Gurus!

Im not going for BBS just a bit smoother. There are still visible whiskers after WTG and XTG. I have also tried both directions of XTG. please help!
I cant go ATG to get a smother shave. the Blade will stick and jump, even with a feather blade.

You know what causes this? The hairs aren't short enough, this is because you didn't reduce enough hair with the other passes. You need to map the hair and shave from that direction. At the left side of my neck the hair grows in a circle pattern. It used to drive me crazy sometimes but later I just adjusted the direction of the passes and solved it. I get a full BBS even on my neck now.

If you want to use a good preshave oil just forget about all the commercial products. Instead use olive oil, it will reduce the irritations and the shave will be very smooth. Please give it a try.
The only time I experience a situation where a very sharp blade such as a Feather skips stubble is if the lather is too thick and the razor gets excessively clogged with lather and stubble. To remedy that I have to make extremely short strokes, keep my angle right, and rinse frequently.

I see people in commercials make extremely long razor strokes that start somewhere at the top edge of the beard line and ends down below the jaw. If someone tries to emulate that and they have any significant amount of stubble, they are guaranteed to skip stubble towards the end of the stroke.

Just a thought anyway.
My neck shaves got much easier once I started using Dr Carver's Easy Shave Butter as my pre-shave prep before lathering. I know, its from Dollar Shave Club, but it gave me the closest, easiest neck shave I have had. I went ATG for the first time with no weepers or burn. So, even if you are not in DSC, you should maybe check it out. There is also something comparable available at Sephora called Jack Black's Beard Lube. It is pricier, but you don't need to join DSC to get it.
Thank you guys I will def go for shorter strokes and crank the dial on my fatboy up to try and reduce the hair more
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