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    Hi I have quite a few straight and safety razors through the years most easily identifiable. This one I have not found any info on and was wondering if any one might know who made it. It has Top O' The League inlaid in the scales and etched on the blade has reg on scales and regd on blade. It also has Ten Years Guarantee on blade and Forged and Hollow Ground in Germany on the tang. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks, Tony
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  1. I may be wrong, likely so, but I'm gonna say that the "10 Years Guarantee" was used often by Carl Friedrich ERN. Are there any sword marks on it or eagle marks?
  2. Looked it over with a magnifier did not see either one, could be something stamped on the tang under the covering but I don't want to remove that.
  3. It would be on the tang. It may just have to remain a mystery???
  4. doubtful it would be under the tang covering. don’t bother.
  5. I mean it would be on the covered tang

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