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Help with Gillette NEW Deluxe Handle

Hi all, I am hoping some members with experience of Gillette NEW's can help!

I purchased a NEW Deluxe off eBay this morning, in a listing that came with a NEW LC and a brass razor blade case (I am also bidding a NEW SC; I guess I have the NEW bug!).

I believe the Deluxe is circa 1935 as it has the patent numbers but not the serial number, and looks like the 17 mm version.

What caught my eye was the handle, it appears to be a Tech handle and does not fit correctly on the base plate due to the larger hole. I have never seen a Deluxe with a Tech handle before and am thinking that is a mismatched handle due to not fitting correctly? The same handle is also on the NEW LC that was in the bundle.

Grateful if someone could confirm the above, and if there were different size handles for the 17 mm and 15 mm Deluxes.

Thank you!

$_57 (2).JPG $_57 (3).JPG $_57 (4).JPG
It's the wrong handle, that's a Tech handle... I have a Deluxe with a large hole, but not all of them come with a large hole though.

Just make sure the cap is lined up with the baseplate before you tighten down.


Or the same handle as this LC.


No place to buy a spare one. Put a WTB on the BST, maybe some has a spare one.

Nothing wrong with the Tech though, I prefer it with mine.
Apologies, as a follow up, would any Tuckaway style handle (pictured on the Lady Gillette) fit? Or do they also come in 15 mm variations. I have had a look on around and it would appear that all Tuckaways are 17mm. Thank you!
15mm or 17mm is the width of the baseplate.

Any Gillette handle should fit it. There are a lot of new handles for sale that would fit it also...

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