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Help with equiping my EDC.

I've read many, many threads and seen numerous opinions on why to use this or that for EDC. I've decided to get the Glock 26 and I really like the OD Green. It just sets it apart from the typical Glock Black. So I know I like OD Green.
I'd like the Pearce +1 extension for the ole pinky. I don't think I want the extended mag release and also don't want the extended slide lock/stop lever. Stock recoil assembly, stock trigger set at 5.5 lb, Stock barrel. Where I'm floundering is the sights. Since I plan to carry, I don't know the conditions if I need to use it. So for he sights, I like the Truglo TFO Night sight set. It's either that or go with the Crimson Trace Laser sight.

What do you guys think of this possible setup? Am I missing something? I realize I didn't mention the holster, that's a whole different discussion. I'll choose that after I possess the gun.

I'll happily take pro's/cons. But keep in mind I am pretty set on the 26.

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With my 26 it was impossible to drop the mag using the stock release. I would actually have to grip the slide with my left hand to get enough leverage to push the release with my thumb.

This was with a Gen 3, so I'm not sure how the new ones with the ambidextrous releases are.

I would take it to the range stock a couple times before you start making too many adjustments.
The magazine releases on the Gen 4 glocks are substantially bigger than on previous generations, so you may not need to mess with that if you go with Gen 4. I would definitely recommend changing the sights because the factory ones are plastic and not very sturdy. You will probably be happy with pretty much any metal night sight setup. They are all pretty much the same with differences being in color and slight variations in brightness. The only other modification I would recommend for a Glock is the 3.5 lb trigger connecter upgrade. It makes a remarkable difference in break and smoothness. Aside from that, I would just recommend shooting it a bunch then changing things that stick out to you after that.

As for the holster, you should think about investing a little money into getting a nice one that will be comfortable for you to carry for years to come. It's tempting to just get a $20 holster form the military surplus store, but you will quickly learn that you get what you pay for in holsters. I carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB holster and I love it. It's hybrid leather and kydes and is very comfortable to carry.
I've read too many articles about carrying a cheap holster. Some folks can and have done it safely for years, but most folks that carry on a regular basis say very often to invest in a very good holster that is comfortable. This is why I'll wait on the holster, I want to have the gun outfitted in the manner in which I'll carry it. Then find a holster that will hold is securely and safely while still being able to draw quickly and safely in a tense situation.

Thanks for the info, keep it coming.
The TruGlos can break and that's a fiber optic thing. Run, don't walk to the Trijicon HDs with orange front.

I have them and quite like them. I can take a pic or two if that would help.

I always love to see pics of other folk's setup. So please do post, if you can. I looked at these sights and I like how they look. Some of these things may have to wait and add a little as I go, as another member had pointed out.
For the sights I like the Trijicon sights. The biggest recommendation is that you get a set of steel sights with a vertical forward edge on the rear sight, it will aid in one handed racking the slide. As for holster I like the super tuck for behind the hip carry, and the PHLster or the bravoconcealment holsters for appendix carry. Figure out where you want to carry based on which way works best for you and roll with it.
+1 For the Trijicon night sights, as well as contrasting color front and rear. That really makes the front sight jump out in low light. The larger dots are better for speed of acquisition as well, you sacrifice a little bit of accuracy, but an EDC is primarily about functional defense, not bullseye shooting.


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Another vote for Trijicon sights. Avoid fiber optic sights on guns for defensive purposes. The vertical front edge of the rear sight is important as mentioned for one hand manipulation of the slide by hooking it on the belt and shoving the gun forward with one hand to rack the slide. I have the Crimson trace laser on my Glock 27 and the Trijicon sights. I have the 24/7 Fat Dot on my model 19. Both viable options.
Pay the money for a good holster and ALSO a good belt. That will help with the weight distribution.

I carry a G26 riding in a custom MaxTuck holster from White Hat Holsters and I have Trijicon night sights on it; spare is a G17 mag in a Com-Tac mag holder.
Just another thought. Lasers are VERY helpful in low light/point shooting. Most people, even with extensive training, tend to fall into point shooting when going condition red/experiencing an adrenaline dump the likes of which you'd encounter during a critical incident. I've seen them used to great effect on a number of occasions. I'd go tritium sights and a laser, whatever you buy make sure it's quality.
Crossbreed also makes a heck of a holster, if ya can manage to stay sane during the 4-6 week wait!
Trijicon sights are on my duty weapon.. There awesome I put them threw probably ever element possible.. Heat cold salt water .. And they still work.. Every nypd cop carrys them as well as other local authorities .. I have a lasermax on my off duty beretta nano and love that also..
Trijicon are a must. Even for day watch. You can go from blinding sunshine to a dark hallway in seconds on the job. I have them on all my Glocks.
Meprolight makes a better night sight than Trijicon IMO. Larger tubes, and a larger outer ring for daytime acquisition.
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