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Help With Choosing a New Razor

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Your original post says you have a "G37" (RazoRock German 37) and it's your favourite.

I'd say get yourself a really good slant. As it happens, RazoRock makes a really good slant! The newly introduced Superslant is a very fine shaver. I find it less "bitey" than the G37 -- which is to say that while the G37 feels pretty safe the Superslant ups that game. Very smooth shaves.

Many of us here have the Superslant L3SB; at this point the most aggressive of the lineup. The razors are offered in several aggression levels from L1 to L3, with steps between. So once the full line is in production you will be able to choose from L1, L1+, L1++, L2, L2+...you can fill in the rest, I'm sure. RR also intends to produce OC plates for the razor for even more choice.

May I suggest a RR Lupo .95?

I use mine w/ Bic Chrome blades and loaded thusly it is a whisker chomping machine.

It's definitely a unit that requires focus but the shave will leave your face like marble as long as you're careful.
I went with a timeless for now, scratch and dent, that crown handle kept calling my name. Now I want a pineapple handle too. I hope it’s not just the “I got a new toy” feeling but I really like this razor. I’m really curious now about the wider gap, more blade feel razors such as the Karv offerings. I think the Knopf or stainless kit with the higher aggressions might be calling my name.
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