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help with a wonky atomizer

I just got some decants in the mail and the one with Montale Wild Aoud will not spray properly. It spurts and sputters and dribbles instead of sprays. The expelled amount of fragrance is pooling inside the spray mechanism under the spray cap (I can see it and pour it out when I take the cap off) and also dribbling down the outside of the glass chamber. I'm having to rub it on like from a dipstick vial (which I HATE!!!). Unfortunately I don't have any empty atomizers right now to transfer it into. Anyone know of a fix or little trick to get it spraying properly again? I need it to spray as I find this particular fragrance a bit too strong when rubbed on. It's good one, but a strong one.
Just wait until you get some empty atomizers to arrive to transfer the liquid. Otherwise it will just annoy you more!
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