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Help with a Haslinger soap puck

I receiver a couple of Haslinger soap pucks from Shavemac with the 2 brushes I ordered from them. Because the diameter is only 2 3/8" I don't know what bowl or mug would work with these pucks. I know these are popular and could use some advise from anyone who uses them. What do you put them in to load your brush?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Wet the bottom of the puck and stick it to whatever you place it in.

very thin slices, wetted and pressed into your container.

or cheese grate the puck, wet your fingers and compress it. If you’re going to grate a puck, I recommend freezing/chilling the puck for awhile and cool it back down if/when you notice it melting/smearing on the grater. The friction can melt it slightly.

glycerin soaps can melt and pour, but please don’t do it to the Hasslinger

this is two pucks thinly sliced and pressed into a container. Just dampen them and smooth them together so they bond to each other.

This stick was grated

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I got a puck of Haslinger recently and they were a bit smaller than I expected. I plan on lathering it on the hand, with soap on one hand and brush on the other. I do that with some hard pucks like Williams.
All good suggestions. You can also treat the puck like a shave stick and just apply the soap to the damp face directly, then build your lather on the face. Works well for traveling.

Haslinger works very well re-formed into a shave stick.

I like to combine two pucks in one dish. You can cut the soap up into fine slices with a knife, add a bit of warm water, then press the pieces together with the back of an old spoon. Allow to dry for several hours before putting the lid back on.
I used a nice cream container I saved, but just about anything would work. I used a cheese grater, but cleaning it afterward wasn't the highlight of my week. Next time I'm going to try slicing it into thin slivers and jamming it into the empty spaces around the puck. Maybe finishing with some smoothing from a wet thumb.
It fits perfectly in my Avon mug, as well as an old generic shave mug I have. Many of the older shave mugs were made for this size of puck. (the same size as Williams, VdH, etc.)
Many 6 oz. coffee mugs will also work.
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Depending on the container I use either one or two pucks. I just wet the bottom of each puck, then stick them in. If I use a second, then I stack it on top of the first. Any ’extra’ space around a puck is no problem.

Owen Bawn

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I've used the 2 pucks in a mug method for years. After several months I'll flip the 2 pucks; otherwise the bottom puck goes years without ever being used. I usually add a new puck after the top one is used up and the bottom one is about 1/3 finished. Haslinger's pucks are just about the same size as Williams, as I recall. A standard mug is just fine.

Don't overthink this stuff- have fun!
I used the majority of a Haslinger Coconut puck as a stick...until it broke in three pieces. I then placed it in a small mason jar (think small quantity of jelly) without the lid, which it fit perfectly. I think I will grate the remaining two pucks into the OS mug or MWF dish next go around. Enjoy the great shaves which are coming!
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