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Help w/ straight

I have the itch to try a straight razor. I've been wetshaving for over a year and have a bunch of Merkur razors. I've read that I should just get a straight, rather than a shavette or a feather artist club. The question is which one? I want to get a new one. What else you guys recommend? I read Joels guide and I am leaning towards steel rather than carbon. Also if I get a TI or a Dovo, how sharp are they comapred to a DE Feather blade or a gillette swede?
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go straight to the straight!

I think vintage razors are cooler - and theyre much cheaper - but if youre set on a new one you have to get a Dovo or TI.

Of them, just get one you like the look of within your budget
TI has been having serious QC issues of late, but Classic is a first-rate vendor and will stand by you. I mention this so that you don't get too upset if (probably when) you have issues with your TI. Also, 4/8 is a small razor. Not knowing your physiognomy makes it difficult to recommend. Usually 5/8 or 6/8 is more versatile. All the above is based solely on my personal observations, ymmv.
Now I am leaning towards a Dovo steel from VB in ebony, all I need is a strop.
This over a feather Artist club?
Does it have to be a new razor? Vintage razors shave just as good if not better than anything currently mass produced. Classifieds are always a great place to get a great deal.
it makes little difference what you get. pick whatever is appealing to you, preferrably in the 5/8-6/8 range with the honing option if it's not included already and that's it. i'd avoid the ones with stainless scales since those are way too heavy for the blades.

there's no need to overcomplicate things. everybody will tell you what to get, especially those who have only tried a couple of razors, however you can only develop meaningful preference after you get proficient with shaving, which means at least 6-12 months after you start.
likewise the strop - just get whatever the vendor you're purchasing your straight from has to offer it'll do the job fine.

and have fun
My two cents for whatever it is worth, but I would go with the razor Ambrose is selling, I cannot believe it is still on the market at that price.

Nothing wrong with the Dovo you mentioned. Highly reliable. Standard brand. I do not know what to say about TI's supposed quality issues. It is a shame, and it would be more fun for me to have a TI than a regular old Dovo, but the quality control issues would give me pause, and TIs are not cheap.

Completely agree that you should not go with a 4/8. I do not know why the size makes such a difference, but it really would be noticeable to go that small. You could go larger than 7/8 if you wanted. No real advantage and it would be, all things being equal, more expensive.

And the feather seems like a waste of time. It is not really going be like shaving with a real straight razor and from everything I hear they are rather unforgiving. Unforgiving is not what I would look for in a razor if I were just starting to use a straight.

Best of luck!
hanging is a lot more popular, but any would work just fine.
3" strops are modern invention, when straight razors were common business the strops were 1"-2", the barber strops in us were 2.5".
so 2" is perfectly fine, 3" is a luxury.
i wasn't able to make straightrazordesigns make 2.5" premium ones so i have 3". works just fine, humans are very adaptive :)
i currently have strops betwen 1.5" and 3" and every single one of them does the job.
Thanks for all your input. I pulled the trigger on the Dovo Perlex 5/8 in SS w/ 3 inch Red Latigo and wool felt back strop combo and a diamond spray from SRD. I saved about 10% getting it as a combo, and also the free extra honing from Lynn and free shipping. I think this will be good for starters.:wink:
it is a perfectly fine setup. stainless steel is easier to care for and the no.41 dovo blade is well liked by many people.
now that the equipment is taken care of it's just a matter of practice and persistence.
keep us updated with your progress.
Alright guys, it's 4:30 pm now. I just got my Dovo perlex at about 3pm and had my first shave. I can't really say it's my first shave since half way through I just switched to my 38C with a swede.
As I was shaving with the straight, I felt it wasn't heavy enough for me to cut through the grass. It was pulling a bit, but that may have been the angle of the blade. And yes it was honed by Lynn. So I pulled out my 38C and it just cut through it like a hot kinfe through butter, going against the grain even. My wiskers are not the thickest, but the are quite strong. Luckily, I didn't cut my self with the straight. I will probably try again, but most likely I will end up selling the set. I want to thank you all for your support, as I go through this difficult time in my life.
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