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Help to identify Razor

Good day gents.

If anyone could help identify this find and give any info on it, it would be much appreciated !

Kind regards


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Is it a broken Gillette TTO?

Not sure, my wife just sent me these images as she found it in her parents shed.
Doesn't appear to be broken looking at the middle plate? But not sure how it would go together. The top plate looks like it has butterfly doors but at the same time has a threaded bar on it like a two piece.

I'll have to inspect when I get home. Doesn't appear to have any date stamps either


Check Out Chick
Very interesting, let us know how you get on with it. I'm sure that someone will know more about it than I do.


Check Out Chick
I thought that it was a TTO that had come apart or was broken. You will have a better idea when you get it in your hands. Again let us know what you have.
Hi, will do, the more I look at it I think it likely is broken. Looks like a rivet that holds the whole thing together may have failed


Check Out Chick
It may be an easy fix. There will be others here that can help you if this is the case. You might be able to post more photos which will give more detail on the razor. Would be nice if it is salvageable being you father in laws.
Yea I hope its an easy fix as the rest of the razor doesn't look that bad. Just found out its my wife's Grandads (now deceased). Would likely date it between 1940-1950's as we are in our 30's.


Check Out Chick
That is cool. I have a razors from my great grandfather, grandfather and my father. Heirloom razors are great to use as you can have happy thoughts of the person that you inherited the razor off.
Think your right on the money there. Thanks very much! Now I've just got to work out how the middle plate attaches to the handle
That's a defective piece on the video, have to be repaired. Notice how the TTO mechanism is stuck and the silo doors do not open/close. Don't know why people bother making and uploading this type of videos. What a great way to keep viewer busy and misinformed at the same time!

Usually this repair consists of re-crimping the baseplate onto the handle.
Ah I see what your saying. Shouldn't be too expensive to repair although clearly requires a specialist.

If you'd forgive my ignorance what is CAP?
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