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*HELP* Super-max Super Platinum Tiger

I recently got a starter kit from Garry's sample shop and in it were some Super-max Super Platinum Tiger blades. These blades may not be the sharpest or give the best shave ever, but i really like them because the shave seems more audible than with other blades I've used (if that makes sense). I contacted Garry but he said he got them as a promo from somewhere and he really doesn't know where to get them. I've searched the web and tried to find them but they don't seem to be for sale anywhere!

Has anyone else used these blades? Or does anyone know where I could get more? Any help or just stories that you have about these blades would be great!

Thanks guys,

I'll post a picture of the blade and packaging when I get home, it's really obnoxious...but I kinda love it...
I used them a few years ago and I liked them. They were my second favorite Super-Max blades after Super-Max Sunrise.

There were some Platinum Tiger blades available on the bay from a vendor in India but they seem to have disappeared.

Here is some info from an old thread:


I have added photos for the blades here

Super-Max Sunrise Super Stainless

Super-Max Tiger Super Platinum

Clarification on Titanium Edge Technology

I got in touch with the product manager of Super-Max here in their Mumbai HQ to check on the facts behind the Titanium Edge Technology.

I got in to a long discussion with him on the philosophy of these blades. What I am stating here are facts straight from Mount Sinai - so to speak.

He has verified that the Sunrise & Tiger blades are specifically manufactured for the premium DE segment in the Home Shaving Market. This is a new range to cater to the fast declining DE market. The innovation is expected to lure traditional shavers back to DE.

The current Stainless, Super Stainless and Platinum is targeting the not-so-premium price conscious market.

The Sunrise is indeed coated with Titanium for hard edges which will retain sharpness for 6-8 shaves. He has confirmed the presence of the Titanium edges.

The Tiger is coated with Platinum and is extra sharp for 6-8 shaves.

I also asked him about the name confusion between the existing Super Stainless and the Platinum blades.

He stated that the Sunrise and Tiger blades pass through additional QC process control to ensure those quality 6-8 shaves per blade, whereas the rest of the Super-Max range is focused on low-cost blades, hence the QC process is less stringent.

To summarize Super-Max hence has the following blades in current production in order of quality / cost.

  • Stainless
  • Super Stainless
  • Platinum
  • Sunrise Super Stainless (Titanium Edge Technology)
  • Tiger Super Platinum

I trust this clarifies everything there is to know about Super-Max products.
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