Help Shipping item from someone in Canada

Discussion in 'Buy- Sell- Trade' started by global_dev, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. or via add-on program... :(
  2. The Source is what Radio Shack devolved into up here, they have something not readily available just about anywhere?
  3. Hey global. What city is the Source store in. I'm close to Saskatoon and Regina.
  4. lol. i wish it wasn’t true. this stupid band is OOS everywhere in US. making one would be my next step
  5. Hi global_dev, if you haven't found an arrangement already, please pm me, I live in Toronto, Canada.
  6. i need someone who is soon to buy something from

    if thats you, please let me know
  7. We purchase now and then, if something comes up let me know. Do you need the item right away?

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