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Help please, pics of razor blades needed

There is a group of B & B members that are working to update the Wiki page. Part of this includes updating the razor blade compendium to include as many razor blades as possible. To that end, we need your help.

Do you have any double edge razor blades that are not currently listed in the Great Blade Exchange (GBE) inventory? Here's a link - scroll down to get to the inventory.

The Great Blade Exchange

We hope to compile as comprehensive a catalog of double edge blades as possible. If you have some blades not listed in the GBE inventory, would you please consider taking pics of the blade/s & sending them to me? I'm attaching thumbnails at the end of this post showing the various shots I hope to collect of each blade. Please photograph both sides of the packaging & the blade. If you also have the tuck, please photograph all sides of the tuck. You can send the pics to me via PM.

If you want to participate but don't have time or the means to photograph the blades, would you consider donating them & I'll photograph them & add them to the Great Blade Exchange inventory. Please send at least two blades to be added to the GBE inventory. Let me know you want to send blades & I'll send you a PM with my address.

Thank you!


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