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Help please! Bad trim

Hey everyone, I haven’t been on the forums much but I use to be on the safety razor ones when I started wet shaving. So with all the help I had there I thought maybe I’d start here for some advice!
I went to a well reviewed barber today for a haircut and first professional trim on my beard. I didn’t want much taken off but they went a bit over board. they didn’t take much off the sides but a very large amount off my chin and also kind of cut into it not just shortened it. Any advice would be great, thanks.


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Unacceptably Lasering Chicken Giblets?
I can’t tell at all.
It’s like a bad haircut; you’re the one who notices it.
Give it a week.
Personally I would trim it myself to how I like it and then let it grow out again.
With out a before pic I can't say whether it looked better or worse before, but that doesn't look bad to me at all. I think you may just be in shock with the change. I know sometimes I fell naked after a trim for a day or two until I get used to the new length. I say just give it a few days.
Thanks for the positive comments, I don’t think I can show what I’m trying to through the picture, it just doesn’t seem to come through right. Yes I think I should learn how to trim my own beard now for sure, and you might be right that part of it is shock, 9 months growth to this is very different.
Going from that picture, i can't tell much.

Like others have said. Just let it grow back. And i recommend videos from carlos costa and jeff buoncristiano. They are great guides (on the beard brand channel)
Like the others, I'm not seeing what you stated in your initial post re: cutting into your beard. And without a pre-trim pic, hard to tell how much was cut off. From what I can see, you've got a great beard! Looks great!
I just got a pretty intense trim--a couple of inches off a year and a half of growth. Give it a while to adjust to the new shape, then see what you think. Just keep up with your regular routine and it will probably fall into shape. Good recommendations for instructional videos--most of the stuff on Beardbrand's channel is useful. I'd keep trying to find a barber who understands what you're doing. I have a good one who really keeps my beard and my hair in shape for me. Took a long time to find, but it's worth it.
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