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HELP! Only 2 weeks to go.


I am currently on RESTRAINT! But 'only' until the end of the month (and it is killing me!)

So, the question is, "How to bust out of this restraint?"

I am set for razors (and, truth be known for most other stuff) and I need to celebrate. Suggestions most welcome: AS, soaps, blades, etc., etc.

How should I spend my hard-earned $ (before LOTH gets too upset)?
I read most of your posts so I have a sense of what you like. I envy your brushes and razor set up, and I think you're happy with Haslingers soap.Try a Myrsol splash or two, as well as Proraso splash if you've never tried it.


Hold on until the next Paladin Brush Release, probably mid to late April, and treat yourself to a truely great brush


treat yourself to an experience, like a haircut and full hot towel shave from a master barber.
Have your favorite razor replated in your favorite finish. I'm having a Fatip Retro replated in rose gold, myself.

(Good suggestion on the Myrsols, too.)
Spring is nearly here, time for the full setup of Proraso's green line. Go whole hog and get the preshave, a new tub of soap (I'm assuming you probably have a partial soap or cream kicking around.), and bottle of aftershave. The first sunny and warm day that hits your area, give yourself the full on treatment.


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A piece of art or shaving related item for your den!

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