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help on pipe tobacco selection for a friend

I have a friend that has dabbled in pipes...He likes cigars but says he just can't seem to get enough flavor out of pipe tobacco. I noticed that he always seems to try aromatics because he thinks they have more flavor. I told him that wasn't necessarily the case. A rough estimation in the coffee world would be that you get more flavor out of a hazelnut coffee than a strong sumatra. He seemed to get it then. So, I am looking for a tinned tobacco to get him for his birthday. I was thinking possibly fillmore by Pease.
Any suggestions?


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Predicting what someone else might like is rather tricky. If you are a pipe smoker, sample him some of your blends. If not, perhaps direct him to a local B&M where he could get a sample or buy small quantities 1 oz at a time to sample various blends.
If he likes aromatic blends but doesn't get enough flavor from them, Just For Him's Shortcut To Mushrooms might be a good choice for him. It's an Aromatic/English cross-over blend. It smells great, tastes a bit sweet with a hint of vanilla, but also has Latakia and a lot more flavor than a regular aromatic.

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I'd give him a latakia blend. They generally smoke cool and you don't have to have a perfect technique to get some decent flavor from the pipe. Most cigar smoker not used to the more subtle flavors and lower volume of smoke with a pipe compared to a cigar.

A couple tinned blends would be Ashton Artisans blend or McCelland 3 Oaks. If you have a B&M nearby that carries bulk, Stokkebye English Luxury may be found, but you may have to ask for it if the shop renames bulk blends.
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3 oaks is good...i placed the order last night. went with some mac barrens dark fired kentucky. i hope i can bum a bit off of him. looks like it gets good reviews. I agree that generally pipe tobaccos are more nuanced than cigars and i think that is also a problem for him. i've never tried shortcut to mushrooms, i'll have to look that up.
GLP key largo is the blend Greg suggests as it gives cigar smokers something familiar to latch onto. I think jack knife plug is pretty beefy as well, but can be tough for a newbie (try the ready rubbed version).
Jack Knife Plug is pretty awesome...it is one of that I always steal a bit of when i am at my friends house....and yes it is stout.
if you find he likes aromatics, I recommend Solani tobacco. I have yet to experience an automatic like this with a ton of flavor, yet no bite. I primarily indulge in Virginias, but you can't beat Solani "green" for dessert!
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