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Help needed to identify what seems to be a Schick repeating razor Type A

Hi everyone, i have since some months ago what seems to be a Schick Repeating Razor Type A, but some things are making me think that it could be a counterfeit of some kind...

What makes me think that.... well there are no serial numbers at all where i have seen on other razors of this kind, just a small number 12 on one side of the golden head, and second... on the bottom cap where the cartridge is inserted theres no Schik logo but a Crown with the word COMFORT above it...

Has anyone any idea if its a Schick original or just a copy that any other company made??

Thanks in advance


Here are some (bad) pics of it :p

It sure looks like the picture in the Wait's Safety Razor Compendium. Unfortunately, it makes no mention of any design on the end cap and does not mention anything about serial numbers.
Well seems that i have found some clues that can help to solve the mistery....

First i have found some pics of an early safety razor, made by COMFORT in Germany (COMFORT" Rasir Apparat / D.R. - G.M. MADE IN GERMANY)... im attaching a pic of it...Germany eh?? well i thought lets follow this thread and see where it goes... i looked closer to the crown in the cap... a crown... with two crosses.. one in the top and another in the headband... and at the sides of the lower one there are what seem to be two eagles... interesting...


Seems that the German State Crown is exactly like that, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_State_Crown so the razor has to be German for sure... looks that im a step closer to solve this :p...


Looking at Jacob Schick bio for a German connection seems a dead end, very dissapointing... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Schick same at schick website in the history of shaving section... http://www.schick.com/us/shaving-history.shtml
Found another Jacob Schick´s bio and its a German connection that the other websites where not talking about... his father... :blink:

Schick, Jacob (16 Sept. 1877-3 July 1937), military officer, inventor, and entrepreneur, was born in Ottumwa, Iowa, the son of Valentine F. Schick, a German immigrant who staked prospector's claims and established a coal mining company. Jacob grew up in Los Cerillos, New Mexico. Learning to read and write English, German, and Spanish at home, he began working as a child for the family business. After his sixteenth birthday his father placed him in charge of building a railway spur line to transport coal to a smelting forge.

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