Help needed for stubby knot n handle.

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    Hey guys,

    After trying several brushes I've arrived at the conclusion that I much prefer super dense stubby knots and medium or longer handles.

    For boars I'm looking at a 24/48 or a 26/48 mm knot.
    2 bands 24/45mm
    Silvertips 24/42mm

    My delima is not knowing where to scource these knots affordably and there is a worry about glue bump for such short knots.

    The other alternative is to set regular knots in deeper 10mm deeper which is quite unusual.

    Please help,

  1. I would think that setting the knot deeper would be a good salutation. Maggards ha really nice knots and I bought several from Shave forge although I have not had time to make the handle for the Shave forge badger yet. You could set the knots with silicone if you aren't absolutely sure of the depth you want for a particular knot and rest it if you a9 happy with the initial results. I'm sure @Graydog and @CigarSmoka could give good advice on the subject these are merely my two cents.
  2. Thanks GAW9576,

    I was thinking about that too. I do hope that Greydog and CigarSmoka will chime in as I have 2 options if I was to go to the latter route.

    1. I get a custom metal handle with a deep depth and use washes to adjust the loft.

    2. I'll get cheap shot glasses and set some acrylic resin in it.

    Happy shaves,

  3. Or a custom wood handle with a deep hole for the knot.
  4. Hi GAW9576,

    I don't have access to any wood working tools so il have to measure the knots carefully before ordering.

    I need more info first about getting what lofts and if the suggestion for setting it deeper is a good idea as I prefer stubby and scrubby brushes.

    Happy shaves,

  5. Anyone??
  6. You wouldn't have to do the modification of a handle yourself, you could get the handle made for the depth you want the knot set. It would be easiest if the person making the handle had the knot And your desired loft.
    Do you already have a knot?
  7. Hi GAW9576,

    I have several brushes that I could extract the knot from namely my Omegas.

    The thing is a chicken egg issue, without understanding the balance between the loft height and splay, I can't tell a person how deep drill it to the correct depth.

    So I need some I info before proceeding.


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  8. Are you aware of any tables of knots to compare against?
  9. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    your shot glass idea should work just use silicone and washers to try different heights
  10. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    OMEGA 011842 Premium Pure Bristle Shaving Brush - Connaught Shaving

    I don't have this one, but there are plenty of reviews by Chan Eil Whiskers, a dedicated face latherer and SR shaver.


    ZENITH 505AK Manchurian - Your Shaving

    Manchurian is the most boar like of the badgers. Well controlled knot in a tight configuration that doesn't bloom much. Great backbone.


    Knot in full bloom.


    Alco come in black resin.

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  11. Thx mrlandpirate,

    I'm getting the stuff to try it out :)

    Why does it not suprise me that you'll recommend me an expensive brush instead rofl.

  12. What kind of stuff are you getting @mawashi?

    If I didn't have several household projects, 4 brush handles, two razor handles and two pens to make I'd offer to make you a custom handle. Unless you are willing to wait quite a while. But I will give as much advice as I can and hope that it is helpful.
  13. naughtilus

    naughtilus Contributor

    Well... it comes naturally somehow. But I know the 10% discount code on checkout! :letterk1:
  14. Hey GAW9576,

    No worries I have enough brushes to keep me testing n enjoying em for a while but I am looking to fool around. I I'm thinking of getting some clear resin to fill up the shot glass but I need to source some metal or clear plastic tubes for the knots. I have some silicon sealant as a temp glue so that's no issue nor is getting some steel washers.

    Cas No 24969-06-0 Transparente Table Top Epoxy Resin For Wood - Buy Epoxy Resin For Wood,Epoxy Resin Table Top,Resina Epoxi Transparente Product on

    I'll just need to figure out how to extract a knot from an omega.


    This is a DIY project, at those prices I'll need a 70% discount code for them to be attractive to me lol.

    Thx guys,

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  15. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    What size knot?
  16. Hi Graydog,

    The Zenith looks very good but I'm looking for a medium sized knot and short loft.
    Preferably something with premium or treated hair in a 25/48mm.

    Alternatively, do you think if I extracted a knot from an omega 81064 and set it deeper would it give me a very dense backbone yet soft tips?

    I need some info on the difference between setting a knot deeper or getting the right loft is preferred as there could be done issues with the glue bump if the knot has a really short loft.

    Many thanks for any help.

  17. What he said. If you can only find normal size knots just drill the hole deeper. Keep in mind that will dictate what the shape of the handle will be though, you don’t want the outside a smaller diameter than that deep hole on the inside :001_302:. A chubby type shape would probably be better than a goblet style handle.
  18. Hey CigarSmoka,

    Many thanks for your reply, this will be my first attempt at brush making and I have no woodmmaking equipment.

    So my plan was to get shot glasses with mouths around 33mm to 35mm in diameter, a metal cup that's 20mm deep / 27mm wide so I can adjust the depth of the knot with plastic or metal washers and some clear epoxy w paint mixed in as the filler between the shot glass and cup securing the knot.

    Is this workable?

    Cheers and happy shaves,


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