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Help Me Wash Pomade from my hair

the best thing to get out grease is a shampoo that has some sort of citrus oil in it (lemon oil is best), here in the UK we had a citrus head and shoulders shampoo which destroyed grease no problem and that had lemon oil in it.... lemon oil is in automobile degreaser products but dont put that on your hair :001_tongu
I only use canola oil. Place a good quantity in the hair und than wash the hair with a soap bar. Nothing special, just normal hand washing soap. With this method I need only one hair washing. That works even with Murray´s Superior or Dax Wave&Groom.
LOL newbs.
I once put schmeire,murrays,cockgrease xx,swee tgeorgia brown(red tin) and brylcreem(give me that shine) all together in one hell of a concoction.

Now, how do I do it? dawn is completely safe for your hair people...don't worry, shampoo and dawn is practically the same thing, except more concentrated.
Blow dry your hair, to make it melt. add a good amount of dawn with degreaser(go for the citrus stuff, as one member pointed out) make sure you lather it up really well in your hair, and add some water...now let it sit for 5 mins, add more water...sit for 3 mins. now hop in a hot shower and rinse it up..lather and repeat with the dawn, except let it sit in your hair for a good 3 mins(make sure its a liberal amount in your hair though) then rinse, then condition your hair like a ****...
You will still have product in your hair(depending how much you use) but the following day, it will be a bit "lighter" and you can do normal styling with the residue, and wash your hair out in about 2 days and everything should/will be gone...

I promise.
I use Murray's pomade very conservatively and strong anti-dandruff shampoo or regular dishwashing liquid gets it out pretty easily.
I've been alternating using a traditional pomade (Dax Short & Neat or Murray's Light) with a water-based like Suavecito. Dax makes a shampoo specifically for this task.

I don't know where to find it a brick and mortar, so I went to a beauty supply store and got some clarifying shampoo--it states that it's to remove buildup, and to alternate it with your normal shampoo. Good stuff and it wasn't very expensive.

(No offense to anyone, but I'm not into washing my hair with dish soap.)
I can't stand the heavy grease, so any time I dabbled in the pomades I took it out with a couple rounds of shampoo and Groom and Clean. Lots of conditioner after. It took a couple days to get it all out. Make sure the shampoo has sulfates, that's detergent. Or you could use dish soap but shampoo is the same thing pretty much.

I've heard good things about Layrite and Suavecito amongst other pomades that wash out easily.. Check out the Rebel Rouse blog (Google) as he reviewed a ton of them.
The reason it is sticking to your hair is because it is dried out and your hair won't release the product. Put in conditioner and do not wash your hair with shampoo and you will get it out. I had the same problem with Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax and had to ask my friend who cuts hair.
Use a good quality shampoo bar followed by a vinegar rinse (one tablespoon of cider vinegar mixed with one cup. warm water). After shampooing, pour the vinegar rinse over your head slowly and massage through hair and onto scalp. Rinse and you should have ultra-soft hair and a clean healthy scalp. Don't get any vinegar rinse in your eyes!
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