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help me please, i need a shirt to fit a suit !

like the title says, sunday i have an event and i need a shirt to fit with a suit, i would like a contrasting color which looks at the same time formal and casual. something i can also wear with jeans.

the issue is the color of the suit is a light blue/silver color and i have access to like 3 stores in my timeframe, simons,sears and labaie (the Bay)


help me guy's please !!
I did try the white oxford shirt , the first one i tried, it honestly does nothing for the color, light blue is worst.

the only one that looks not bad is a white with vertical light royal blue stripes french cuff .

keep suggestions going please.

thank you !
What about a light purple shirt, a lavender color? Pink could work as well. Either of those colors in stripes would be good as well.
You kinda painted yourself into a corner by going with such a specific suit color/fabric. Looks like a blue sharkskin? My suggestion would be to try an off-white shirt or a white shirt. Perhaps a light blue. Do not go with a patterned shirt.

Absolutely do not go with a darker "contrasting" shirt or you will end up looking like these guys:

You need to be posting pictures with your shirt options because otherwise we're just throwing out colors for your to try. That's going to be a waste of your time if you actually want third party input on what might look good.
i have semi dark skin and black beard and hair , i will try to get a picture of all my shirts togehter (bluetooth on my laptop has issues this week it seems)
You really need to take the jacket to the store and hold a bunch of shirts up to the jacket. The hue is going to make a big difference. You will find some blues and purples that look great and some that make you want to run screaming from the store. Maybe you'll get lucky and find one with a stripe that matches the suit.

It looks like a shirt the color of the suit lining would be nice.

Get a tie while you're still in the store.
Really, matching a shirt to a jacket is the wrong way to accessorize. Use Google Images and poke around. Match shirt to tie, shoes to belt, but if you are running around trying to match one shirt to one jacket, you need to educate yourself on how to create a wardrobe.
With dark complexion and that blue, I'd say maybe pastel pink...I'd avoid stripes since the blue looks to have a pattern, too busy imo
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