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Help me pick a brush. Only from the lists given. Boar or badger, or, recommend one of each.

I've read a number of threads on brushes, and have pared down my lists. I only want a brush I can order from Top of the Chain, so other considerations are not on the table. I'm open to boar or synthetic. I'm looking for low-midrange price. I know nothing about knots. From what people have said, I think I'd say I'm looking for soft/very little scritch, and some backbone, but something mid-range, definitely not floppy. I've used a lower end boar in the past that I liked okay, and currently have a silver tip badger that has a stubby handle and large bulb brush, that I like quite a bit. I've posted two pics, one with the boars, and one with the synths.

Well, our other female shaver on here(yeah plural) has the 620 in red I believe. I have the 610. Hers would be softer, she thinks it's the softest thing ever. She doesn't have badgers, but I do and I have another boar similar to it. It very well MIGHT be as soft as some badger, or it might at least be as soft as Simpson Best which isn't a bad place to be. By 610 might be a bit pokey, especially at first, but once it's wet it's not noticeable. The 620 might eventually become a mop if it starts out that soft, can't say for sure. The Torga is a bit more of a premium offering, but I think the knot is the same. The ones that have handles that look bit are big and can feel bottom heavy. The 820 has a fatter handle, the 6s have a slim waist that doesn't slip out of your hand. I better leave it at that, there are a couple people that I can think of that will likely be in shortly to add their two pence.
I've never used a synthetic from Sterling, but, loved their badgers. From the Lists I can only comment on the 1800 and Torga, both of which I like. I would take one of those three from the choices given.
From your list I had the Fine Stout and it is a great brush. One my favorite brushes. I did replace it with a Chubby 2 synthetic.
From your boar list I really like the 1800 Semogue. My favorite boar by far.
I think you would be very happy with both of those brushes.
I selected synthetic brushes on Top of the Chain... then sorted them low to high in price. There are quite a few (18, if I can count... the jury is still out on that one) that are just under $30 from which to choose.... People seem to like the Simpsons T1... that's there in price...the T2 is $9 more.

Too many of the boar brushes are sold out at the moment... so the selection is sparse, as you already know.
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I've got the 610 and it's one of my favorite brushes.I was so happy with it i used it exclusivley for about 6 months after i got it my other brushes never got a look in.I face lather and to me it feels like silvertip quality tips with good backbone and a gentle scub.It got better and better the more i used it.Great little brush IMO.
I can stand by anything from yaqi/wetshavingco/oumo. They have great service, great products and pretty much unbeatable prices in the synth space. I haven't used the specific one in the picture, but the timberwolf knot gets plenty of praise around here.
Desrgrl..... Were you able to come to any conclusions and make your purchase? I don't think I was helpful but a lot of the people who responded have experience with brushes on your short list.....

Just wondering............
Semogue 610 boar has become my favorite brush. Now pretty well broken-in, it’s a great balance of scritch and softness, and produces great lather from both creams and soaps.
Didn't you say "Boar or badger" - did not see any choice for badger.
"boar or synthetic". I currently own a LiJun Silvertip badger, it's still in a pretty good condition, its seven years old, and has started to shed a little bit. I've used a basic boar in the past that worked well enough. I have no experience with synthetic.

I thought by getting a lower/mid priced boar/synth, I'd have some exposure to them, and a back up brush...and when the time comes, I might have a better idea if I want to go with a more expensive one. I may very well just drop the money for another good badger (Mine was somewhere around $100), but it was nice to dip my toes back into either trying boar again, or introducing myself to synth.
I have tried badger, boar and synthetic. Personally I think modern synthetic brushes are so good, and so convenient, that I'll never buy anything else. Just pick a handle you like. There's no need to spend a lot of money either.
Out of curiousity, are there any synths out of the ones I listed that you've had personal experience with?
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