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    I've been working through a puck of MWF and a tub of XPEC for many months. I finally exhausted the MWF last week and am 70 pct done with the XPEC. I will have nothing left in my 'rotation' once the XPEC is depleted.

    My new philosophy is to keep a minimal rotation and replace them only when completely used up.

    With that said, based on recommendations here, l will buy one high end soap (mdc, nuavia, SV etc), one non-artisan regular soap that won't break the bank, and one artisan soap where l will be willing to splurge a bit.

    I haven't been following the trends in the artisan market. Many artisans that people raved about 5 years ago don't seem to be discussed here these days.

    Let's hear your recommendations and l will base my decision on what to purchase on the feedback received here.
  1. ymmv imho...
    SMN might be a nice high end soap
    CRSW Glide or Al's for artisan regular than wont break the bank
    splurge artisan...Nuavia
  2. I don’t buy the high end soaps so cannot provide a comment there.

    Inexpensive, non-artisan:
    Palmolive shave stick (very reasonable)
    Razorock (quality is great and consistent)
    Fine shaving soaps

    PAA soaps (great scent and performance)
    Eufros (aka Jabonman)

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  3. Here are a few suggestions:

    Haslinger: I like them all, especially their schafmilch.
    SV: great performance
    MdC: well worth a try
  4. Ok, here goes:
    High End: Nuavia Blu
    Regular: Tabac
    Artisan: Wholly Kaw Fougere Parfaite
  5. Marco

    Marco Ambassador

    For a high-end luxurious soap I always suggest Saponificio Varesino, especially their latest Beta 4.3 formulation.

    For a non-artisan regular soap in a great price point I do recommend both Haslinger and La Toja.

    For a top quality artisan soap I do suggest RazoRock (The Dead Sea, Santa Maria del Fiore and Son of Zeus are my top 3 in this brand), Barberia Bolognini and Furbo Vintage Blu (this last one is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!).
  6. Saponificio Varesino cream
    Haslinger Schafmilch
  7. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator

    High end soap: MdC
    Regular soap: Tabac
    Artisan: Barrister and Mann (I would have picked Grooming Department - but they are out of stock.)
  8. These are all great soaps you folks are suggesting and why I now have a hundred different soaps in my shaving garage. Man I wish I could have stopped at 3 at a time. Out of all the soaps I have purchased there are only 3 or 4 I wish I would not have purchased. I think that says that most soap makers produce a pretty good product these days while some are really exceptional.
  9. Mike's Natural is good soap and not too expensive, especially over in the US. MdC is excellent, and Saponificio Varesino 70th Anniversary even better. Haslinger is a very decent soap.
  10. I don't have any experience with any of the high-end/splurge soaps, but I think for under $20 you've got a bunch of great options. Declaration (formerly L&L), Mike's, B&M, Grooming Dept if they come back in stock.
  11. Boellis Panama
    Proraso green
    And pick a scent that sounds fun from Stirling (pharoh, mita, obsidian)
  12. Do you happen to know if Barberia Bolgnini and or Furbo Vintage are available is the US? Is their a website I could go to?

  13. I don't buy high end ,so can't help you there.

    Production brand: Pre de Provence No. 63
    Artisan: Stirling, Dr. Jon's, or WSP

    I think some artisans from 5 years ago aren't around because so many in our hobby are always buying the newest thing instead of rebuying from an artisan they like.
  14. pbrmhl

    pbrmhl Contributor

    High end: I've got Nuavia, SMN, Boellis, SV and a bunch of others. I would go with MdC Fougere.
    Non-artisan: Easy. Tabac. If you like XPEC, you should like Tabac.
    Artisan: Declaration Grooming, in any of the Chatillon Lux scents.
  15. musicman1951

    musicman1951 Contributor

    I like MdC and Wholly Kaw. The MdC will last about a year. The WK will last about 4 months, so it's a little more expensive.
  16. I would go for MdC as the high end soap, Haslinger as the cheap, non-artisan soap, and CRSW as the artisan soap. These, to me, are the finest in each category.
  17. Noble otter’s new base or declaration grooming’s Icarus base should be in there. They’re better than most “luxury” brands IMO, and I’ve tried pannacrema,MdC, etc.
  18. Haslinger is good.

    I'd take Tabac if I'd like to add something from the classics.

    Best artisan soaps I've tried are from Tallow & Steel, Land Grooming bison and Wholly Kaw Donkey milk.
  19. High end: SV
    Classic: gotta go for Cella or Proraso Green
    Artisan: hold out for a Grooming Department tallow soap or if you can’t wait, take your pick of a Sudsy Soapery (super creamed, triple butter formula) or Jeeves of Hudson St. soap

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