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Help me id my grandpa's razor

Ok so the only reason I got into wet shaving was because of my uncle. He kept telling me about how great of a shave he used to get with his dad's razor. He lost it when he moved about fifteen years ago. Well last night I was over at my moms house. As I was digging through a bathroom drawer, looking for a bandaid, I found this! I asked her about it and she told me it was my grandfather's razor. I asked if she minded if I took it and she obliged. So now I will be cleaning it up and giving it to my uncle, along with a brush and some soap, for Christmas. Now we get to the fun part. Can anyone help me id this thing. The bottom is stamped Gillette England with an L 2 date code. Sorry for the bad pics. They were taken in a sleepy haze this morning.


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Yours is 1966 second quarter of that year.
Here is a discussion on one here but here is part of post. #9
This is driving me nuts now! Most of the slim twist/g1000/g2000 have parts that are the same or similar but I can't see one that is identical.
View attachment 252128 This is virtually my razor apart from mine has a green handle and the underside of the head says made in england.View attachment 252129 Just like the under side of the head on this one apart from my has nothing else written on it apart from Gillette and made in England, no date code, no other markings at all.
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Thanks for the great info guys! This will be my first razor restoration. I am a bit nervous about damaging the plastic handle. I found this with what must have been a 25 year old blade still in it. Any tips on getting that blade corrosion out of the razor head?
A soak in hot water and dish soap. Repeat if needed with more hot water. If you have scrubbing bubbles use it. I use q-tips and a soft cloth. Also I use MAAS metal polish.
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