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Help me fix a new blobby/messy Nemosine Singularity

New to FPs here, so please bear that in mind.

I just received a new Nemosine Singularity fountain pen yesterday from Amazon.

Yesterday, when I filled the pen with the converter and my bottle of
Diamine brand ink, the ink seemed to "gush" out of the nib in blobs
when I tried to write with it. I set the pen upright for a couple
hours minutes and this issue seemed to mostly go away. However, when I
opened the pen to write in my notebook, ink splattered in tiny
droplets on the page before I started to write. After that, the pen
seemed fine.

Last night, I stored the pen upright and then tried to use it again
today to make some notes at a meeting. Somehow, ink seemed to have
gotten on the black part of the pen grip and on my fingers. Not sure
how this happened.

I put the pen away and just opened it again, this time there was ink clearly
visible on the section and some ink trapped in the threads of the cap.

Is there a way to "tune" the pen or use it in such a way so it doesn't
splatter or gush ink right after filling? Or after it's been stored
upright between uses? I like this pen but I don't want to get ink all
over my fingers every time I open it up to write something down.
I don't really know how to help you, but I know that some of the guys will be able to provide you some kind of answer.

Mike H

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I would first try flushing the pen with warm water a few times, then load it up again and see how it performs before attempting anything with the nib or section.
You might want to check that the feed and nib are securely fit into the section. I can't imagine that shipping would have caused them to work their way loose but maybe it is a production issue? Just grab the nib and feed and check to see if they are loose at all.
I emailed the seller and he made the same suggestion re: the nib and feed being pushed all the way in. I pushed it in with both my fingers and by pressing down hard on paper and I don't think the nib is loose at all. Another thing the seller suggested is watching out for trapped air bubbles in the converter as that could cause the blob issue. Right now, the pen appears to be working fine with no messy blob issues or any leaks. I'll keep an eye on it and make sure it keeps working okay. I didn't see any cracks in the section.
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