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Help Me Find a Watch, Please


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I'd like to find a watch that looks similar to the Orient Union shown below, only I would prefer a "cleaner" look without the day and date function. I'd prefer automatic but quartz would be okay. A larger size would be better, as I have a large 8 3/4" wrist. I'd like to keep it under $300. I have an Omega Seamaster (the "James Bond" style) that I wear now for my dress watch, but would like to have a dressier looking one to rotate in occasionally.

I know I could keep googling and searching, but I'd like to hear from folks whose opinions I respect. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!



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Randy you are hard to shop for!......

I know, but if it was easy I wouldn't have come to the experts for help. You're right, it is very hard to find a watch without the date. I should have been more specific, too, as I want to stay with silver. And I really want one that looks just like the Orient Union sans day & date, if one exists.
That Stilleto is pretty close, if it had a white face.
They have a couple with a white dial in both a silver colored and gold colored case. They come on metal bracelets, but a leather band shouldn't be too hard to find for this. They are a bit smaller than you specified above, being 36mm.

White face Stilleto in Two tone Stainless:

White face Stilleto in Rose Gold Stainless:
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How about a Seiko SARB035?

It's a little over $400, though. However it's an ultra-conservative design built on a rock-solid movement.
As someone also cursed with large wrists, I think a 36mm watch would be far too small on you. I'm actually surprised the 41mm Seamaster 300M is big enough, though with long sleeves it probably doesn't show as much.

I've had trouble finding non-dive watches in a size I want, but some pilot watches are plenty big and have the non-bezel look you want, though they generally have black faces. As mentioned already, Parnis watches are inexpensive and have a good size to them. This one is a look I like a lot. The blue hands probably aren't your thing, though.


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Randy, I'd have a look at a Bulova. I love the one that I have.
It's been very reliable for me.
I think most of them fall in your price range.
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