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Long time DE shaver but have never used an aftershave. My setup is feather DE razor, feather blades and I face lather with cella shaving soap. I don’t think I’d like a cream or balm because my skin is somewhat oily. I guess an alcohol base liquid is ok but I’ve read that these aren’t good to use long term despite how effective they can be - is that true?

Anyway, I’d appreciate your recommendations because candidly I’m overwhelmed with the sheer number of aftershave products available. I suspect this choice is highly personal but are there any “you can’t go wrong with” options?


I smell like a Christmas pudding
I would try some products that are long established in the marketplace - there is a reason why they have lasted so long. You could try Proraso, Skin Bracer, Aqua Velva, Pinaud Clubman, Old Spice, Tabac....... Don't worry about the alcohol unless you get irritation - I have used it for years and closely resemble a young George Clooney.
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