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Help is needed- My divorce is in the morning.

Any ideas for what I'm to wear to court? Grafton shave cream is what I'm considering, with a fresh Injector blade. My best SR208 brush. Followed by Perry Ellis 360 cologne which is (was) my wife's favorite.
I also thought about Trumper Limes cream followed with Truefitt& Hill Lmes cologne.

Anyone have a better suggestion? I'm more nervous over this divorce than I was the marriage.
I'm not sure what you have available in your shaving den nor do I know whether this is an amicable separation or a nasty parting of the ways.
If it is a nasty thing, I do not believe that I would use a favorite as it may bring back the nasty memories every time you use it. I will not belabor the point other than to say, good luck.

Best of luck to you. I'll agree with Ron...don't chance ruining a favorite. In fact, go scentless. When my divorce was finalized, my presence in court was not necessary, and I stayed away.

I am a lawyer and in court all the time.....

Remember, always refer to your ex as "THE PLAINTIFF!" :biggrin:

And wear what gives you the most confidence. I tend to not wear an EDT when I am in court since I do not want to take the chance that I am offending someone with it.

Good luck and hold your head up.

Thanks for the support. Everything went well.

The party is this evening... everyone's invited except the ex-wife!

Gin, not SCAd is what caused this one boys.

Gerald Martin(ini)
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