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Help identifying this slant razor

I have this razor with me for past couple of days. Can any body help regarding make/model of it. It has no marking except number 7 on basepl plate. IMG_20191226_194151.jpg IMG_20191226_194208.jpg IMG_20191226_194352.jpg IMG_20191226_194418.jpg
Thanks a lot for the information. Kindly also share your razor pictures. How does it shaves? If possible, kindly also share some link for more information as I could not Google search it.
Golf was a brand by Louis Perlman, who was located in Solingen and Leipzig. After WW2, the Leipzigbranch continued as Golf. Possible that it later became part of Erfa/Brillant, as I've seen them share parts, but that is, for now, speculation. As with all DDR goods, the older they are, the better the quality. This is somewhere in between: not bad, not good.
Doesn't shave half bad. Pics won't add much: mine is exactly the same.
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