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Help Identifying the Manufacturer

Picked up this Badger brush yesterday, not because I was looking for one, and not because I needed one, but because the knot (in the small, 18-20mm range with good loft) was in good shape and I liked the way it fit in my hand. It appears to be plastic, not bakelite (but haven't tested it yet), and there are no markings on the bottom of the brush, just what you see here. It's not like it's a big deal, because it's going to get cleaned up and put into the rotation as-is, but as always I'm curious as to who the manufacturer is/its origins. Any thoughts?
Vintage Badger.jpg


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Worthpoint says:
"This one has a Diamond "E" logo with N Y near the diamond. Apparently, this is the logo of a shaving brush maker who often added the names of different retail stores to the brushes in order to customize each order for the wholesale buyer."

There were other marks as well apparently, such as Circle S

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