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Help identifying razor

Hello all..

I bought this razor on e-bay, thought it to be a SS, but I am no longer certain. Took some pics and hopefully anyone could help me id this razor..

Text under the head is the Gillette arrow-logo and Made In England, just left of the handle is a mark, looks like "II"

Inside the head is stamped BRITPAT 694098

Hope someone can help me
Is your SS also an English one?

How do you rate it. I thought this one to be quite aggressive, but maybe I need to give it some time:001_smile
No, mine's a US patented one. I used it for the first time today and got my best shave yet, so I like it. The larger head felt odd compaired to the three piece models, but can't complain when the shave was so nice.
Look closer. It is a Rocket, most likely from the 50's. Similar to a Superspeed, but for the British/Canadian market. Notice how the gap at the bottom closes as you "screw in" the knob, Superspeeds don't do this. Also, the horizontal lines on the knob and the non-compact head which also places it in the 50's and not the 60's models which don't shave as nicely.

It is not a bad shaver.
So a Rocket.. I know that the american Gillettes has date-codes.. Does the english one have anything like it..

By the way thanks for sharing your knowledge.. It feels nicer knowing what you shave with :smile:
Hi Thomas,

I've come across several DE's made in England and none of them have ever had any date codes. As such, I do not believe date codes were issued on any English DE's. Someone, please correct me if I'm wrong!

- Ken -
I have what looks like the same razor but with a slightly different patent number. Inside the only markings I can make out are the BRITPAT and 694093. Is this a Rocket as well or is it different from a 649098 like the OP? Visually they look the same. I also can make out a circle with II inside it but there is a lot of soap scum so details are hard to see.

And as for the date, if the patent is the 50s or 60s, were they manufactured up until more recently - I can't imagine that the one I have is 50 years old, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for any further info.
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