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help identifying blade

I’m clearing out some old blades and found
this one at the bottom of my drawer. I believe it was in a plain, white wrapper. I do not remember where or when I got it, but it has proven to be a great blade for me and I would like to buy more. If you can’t make it out from the pic, one side has USA and the other B O. Can someone help me? TIA!
Not certain but kidna looks like a Personna. With those arrows, it looks like the kind usually in a dispenser, and would not be wrapped usually. If it was factory wrapped, it wouldn't need the arrows, so I'm guessing you or someone removed it from a dispenser, didn't need it(?) and so put it in a wrapper.


Needs milk and a bidet!
Made in USA is almost certainly a Personna. Personna Super I think, maybe. If it’s not a vintage Blade that is. Doesn’t look like one.
Thanks guys. Now that you mention it @magu2, I probably did take it out of a dispenser. My memory has mixed this one up with the one just before it, which was a Wilkinson (in a plain wrapper). Getting old sucks.

Anybody know what he B O stands for?
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