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Help Identify please, J. A. Henckels

I am here to learn more about shaving because I know a lot of people who get enjoyment out of it.

I have goggled this and found no images that match. Found some that were close but not exactly the same. I think it is a J. A Henckels Rapide.



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Yeah, that's what you have got.....The Rapide was first manufactured around 1894 and Henckels and other manufactures made clones before and after the Patent was up....I have one of the Original Rapides, but the Henckels Cased Sets is the one that fetches the most money for some obscure reason.....The Henckels version has more of a quality build to it than some of the earlier versions and was marketed toward the higher echelons of society at that time.... :001_cool:

Your Henckels Rapide apparently doesn't have the original wedge blade. You seem to have a Swedish Heljestrand wedge blade in a Henckels razor. Not to worry, the Heljestrand was at least as high a quality as the Henckels…maybe even higher. Congratulations.
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