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Help identify French straight razor.

Sorry, there were a million french makers.. It's probably a really nice blade though, they rarely disappoint
At a quick glance the stamp on tang is a little bigger than c1920 not sure if that makes it older or newer. Nice razor.
Yea, it was in mint condition.
But there is a problem with the edge really close to the scale... Maybe i can have this as a project and make new scales
I don't think it is French. My best guess is that it is a Solingen import from Ernst Pack & Söhne, who incorporated in Solingen in 1922. Brand names included 'Cito', 'Cito-Gold', 'Der Rote Reiter', 'Hamlet', 'Isolde', 'Jung-Siegfried', 'Kriemhield', 'Poco', 'Reiterwerk', 'Ritterburg', 'Ritterwerk' and 'Solar'.
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