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Help ID…1946 Ranger Tech or Milord?

This was a cheap find and I’m wondering whether or not this is a Ranger Tech or Milord. First off, I get the scent of brass and also see some green oxide so I’m sure a lot of the “gold” is just the plating worn off completely. However, there are some parts that kind of look like it could be a Milord. There are shiny gold areas at the corner of the doors with it open (the ends of the door that would be hidden behind the end caps). Either way, I think the patina looks pretty cool. This could be a replate candidate for me but I want to replace it in the “original” finish. Any ideas?








It still needs a pretty good clean, particularly to get rid of the green oxide. I only cleaned it fairly lightly. Part of me is thinking about polishing it up and keeping it as is and not replating it. Obviously this razor has been through some stuff. The patina just gives it some character.


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