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HELP - How to remove stains from my razors

Dear B&B

At the end of every month I clean the razors that I have used that month using a mix of hot water and a mild detergent.

Today, I did something stupid and added a drop of calcium dissolver to the mix with disastrous results. My rhodium and silver razors escaped unscathed but the same cannot be said for the others (i.e. my no longer mint Fatboy, Rocket and SS).

These razors now have dark stains on them (looks a bit like tarnish). I have cleaned them and used some mild polish but this had failed to remove all of the staining.

Anyone had this issue or know how I might be able to bring my razors back to their former glory?

Thanks in advance.
Were all the razors in the same bath at the same time?
Could you capture one or two of the spots in a photo?

Hi Tom

Yes, all of the razors were in the same bath at the same time.

I only have phone camera at the moment which is not really picking up the stains on the razors. Will post some pictures when I can take some proper pictures.

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