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Help finding replacement for old French blades?

I've been looking for a new blade that would work as a replacement for these old French de St etienne blades.

I've only been able to find a couple photos online but the blade is mentioned to be ridged and narrow but I believe it's about the standard DE blade length.

Anyone have any clues? I don't have a sample of the original blade on hand but I hope to get the razor as soon as the person in France decides to actually ship it, holidays and all..


I'm not 100% sure that the blade below is the same as the ones above. I believe the one below is from an older version of the razor above, which I'm looking for blades for. The shape should be about the same though with the two holes.
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I have a feeling I might have to cut down some SE blades to work but I'll have to get my hands on an original one as a template first..
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