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Help finding "cheap" functional Strops

Hey guys,

I've been wanting to come up with graduation/"coming of age" gifts (personally put together beginner wetshave kits) for when some young men I know graduate or turn 18 or something. But I am having trouble finding a source of cheap strops that I would be comfortable getting that would be functional. I'm able to come up with the rest for ~$40 but the strops are difficult. Can y'all help out?
Yes, the Whipped Dog is what a lot of folks, myself included, started on. $16 shipped in the US for the strop alone, $25 for a kit including a strop, a balsa strop treated with red and green paste for touch ups, a small pouch of red and green paste to add to the balsa when it runs low, a screw-in hook for mounting and a small packet of neatsfoot oil. Pretty much perfect for either a beginner or even a travel kit.

Whipped Dog Straight Razor Shaving Equipment
I'm usually just helping one person at a time try out straight shaving and furnish them with a loaner razor and strop and let them know that if they like it that I will help them find decent equipment of their own. I honestly can't think of any successful converts. So this method has proven to be economical on my part. The strop is surviving better than I would have expected.
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