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Help, Bois du Portugal or Royal Oud

Went to buy BDP before the nice lady sugested I try this,( Royal Oud ) now up liking both , now left with one hard decision help me me decide many thanks.

The Nid Hog

Moderator Emeritus
I think that BdP is an outstanding fragrance in its own right, but it's also more versatile. I guess it depends on what else you have. I like ouds a lot, but I get more use out of BdP.
I have both. I haven't used either very much because I consider both of them definitely cooler weather, special occasion fragrances. BdP is a classic, Royal Oud hasn't been around very long. Obviously, I couldn't decide between the two since I got both of them.... but I got BdP first.... it that makes any difference. They are both great.... I'm not big on ouds in general.... but I love Royal Oud. I guess if I had to pick only one, I'd go with BdP.

I haven't had enough experience with Royal Oud to comment much on it. Didn't grab me in short test wear.

But BdP is wet shaver classic. Fits the "profile" of many of us. Traditional, classic, manly, high end scent.


Moderator Emeritus
I had samples of both and gave them a good go.
I ended up buying a bottle of the BdP.
It's a great all around scent.

The RO just didn't grab me as much. If you start to mess around with oud scents (not real oud) you might just like it less and less.
That's what happened to me.
I think the BdP is hands-down the winner here. It's, as many have said, a classic. It's kind of a power scent that will always be noticed and appreciated by those around you. Royal Oud is a nice scent, but not memorable IMHO...
I don't have BdP but have Royal Oud. Royal Oud is nice on my skin for about 15 minutes and then it almost disappears. Can anyone say how the longevity of the BdP is compared to Oud?
BdP - one of the very few in-production Creeds that's worth the high price IMO. For what RO costs you could get some "real" oud oil.
BdP for the win.
Royal Oud is nice, but overpriced and with so many other Creeds, has poor longevity on my skin (4-6 hours)
BdP lasts 10-12 hours on my skin.
Sounds unanimous. I've tried and like them both, even Royal Oud despite its lack of purity. But Bois de Portugal is nothing short of a masterpiece and one of those few Creed gems that I have a soft spot for. It's a classic in its own right and one of Creed's absolute best. It'll be a while before Royal Oud can claim that kind of status.
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