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Help a friend in need!

My friend and I bought pipes together at a local pipe show 5-6 years ago. He decided he was going to have one pipe, but it was going to be a good one. He picked up a huge Ser Jacopo, awesome pipe, and has cherished it since.

Unfortunately, events occurred that lead to the following picture...

image1 (2).JPG

Any advice for my friend? How/where can he get a replacement stem?
And thats why friends dont let friends just buy one pipe...

Dont worry, somebody who is actually helpful will come along soon

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There are a couple very reputable establishments that do excellent work. Walker Pipe Repair is the only one I've used, and I was exceptionally pleased with the job he did.
Shouldn't be a tough repair-- just send it to a pipe repair guy. In my experience, a new stem is about a $30 job. I have used Howard Schultz and Mark Tinsky to do repair work, both are great. I am sure other guys will be able to chime in with suggestions as well. Good luck!


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I second Price's suggestion of Walker. I've corresponded with Dave Wolff about some things and he is passionate about pipes. He has retired from repair work but Mike Myers is doing the repairs for him. If Dave trusts Myers to do good work he should be excellent.

Walker Pipe Repair

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The good news is he doesn't even need a new stem just a new tenon. $20 for a Derlin and $24 for vulcanite/lucite from Walkers.


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Yep, agree it's just a tenon repair--very simple and inexpensive. Let me toss a few more names out--they all have different lead times and you might like the price or turnaround at one of them better, and they all do good work.

Walker Pipe Repair (Mike Myers)
Norwood Pipe Repair (Kenneth Norwood and Floyd Norwood)
J.H. Lowe (Tim West)
Briarville (Ric Farrah)
I have had repairs done by both Ric and Mark Tinsky. They both do wonderful work. Mark Tinsky will even replicate the dot and C on Dunhills and Comoy's
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