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I thought I had an account years ago, but to be honest I kind of burned out on forums and went inactive for probably the last decade. Not that I'd have much time anyway with the advent of kids and such. I am a knifemaker (no I'm not peddling my goods so I'm not a vendor) and find straight razors fascinating. It's been 12yrs since anything but a straight has touched my face, although I do find interest in the safety razors. I may make knives, but I also love collecting and owning various ones as well. My SR collection is very small, just my original Boker King Cutter and a Portland OR Strix. I'm taking a break from growing a beard and feeling like I may need to bring on another SR to the stable.

Right now I'm interested in Dovo Bismark, most any Spanish point Theirs Issard, and also have a curiosity about a singing blade Wacker.

If I ever get around to making my own Straights I'll be sure to update to a vendor and post my wares. At this time I've only experimented with them, and for as small and simple as they are, getting a good weight, balance, and feel is a process that will take some experimenting with.

Thank you


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Welcome to B&B. I am also looking at getting into making my own straight razors. This will be done once I have developed the perfect SR shaving technique and have learnt everything there is to know about SR honing 😄.
Welcome to B&B!
Not only looking to hear and see about your present and future shave gear, but also seeing some of the bladesmithing as well!
Again, welcome!
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