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Hello everyone!
I would like to greet everyone of you. I am new to this forum and to shaving with a DE razor (I used cartridge razors until very recently).

At the moment, I usually have a hot shower, then use pre-shave oil from Acqua di Parma, then Lucky Tiger shaving cream, and last a Taylor of Old Bond Street aftershave. I use a Merkur 33C razor with Kai blades.
I really like the super smooth effect but I feel my skin lightly burning for several hours.
Is there anything I can do to soothe this effect?

Thank you so much!
Welcome to B&B. You may also look into the ingredients in the products you’re using. The burning sensation you’re feeling may be due to a slight reaction your skin is having with certain ingredients. Menthol and Lanolin are 2 common skin irritants.

Also, when you get a chance head over to the Hall of Fame and tell us a little about yourself.
Welcome aboard. Sorry about the burning. Don't go wholesale change with everything all at once to try and eliminate the burning, change one thing at a time and measure the result. Also, if it's an ingredient in your pre shave oil, shave cream or aftershave you can use them 1 at a time on days you don't shave. That way, if one of them is the culprit you can replace that without having to purchase multiple products to figure it out.
You could try a different blade - the Kai is slightly wider than most blades giving more blade exposure, and is not one I would recommend to a new DE shaver. Welcome to the forum!
I tried feather and timor. The first one gave me a nice shave without much skin irritation (I used aloe Vera afterwards). The latter no irritation but not the smoothest shave. I found a feather as-d2 and I am looking forward to compare it with the Merkur 33c I am using at the moment
Hi everyone!
This morning I tried my newly arrived Feather AS-D2 with a Feather blade. I liked it being heavier than the Merkur 33C. The shaving experience was ok, provided I am really inexperienced. I made three passes in order to get a nice close shave; I experienced some minor bleeding which was dealt with with potassium alum. No buring sensation afterwards, even though I used a sandalwood scented aftershave in lieu of aloe vera.
Any thoughts/advice?

Thank you!


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A belated welcome to the forum Enrico. If you would like you could keep a Diary or Journal of your shaving progress. There is a specific Diaries and Journals Forum set up especially for this.
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