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A few months ago I was standing in a store looking at the price of a ten pack of cartridges for my Gillette Trac II and thinking how my electric razor is getting old, and I got the idea to go back to shaving with a safety razor, like I started out with when I was a teenager in the '60s.

I looked on the internet and saw that I like looking at vintage Gillette razors, same as I enjoy looking at vintage upright basses and bicycles (my bass and bike are '72). I found this forum and spent a few hours reading here. Then on Ebay and Etsy I bought two Old Types, two Techs, and two News, a long comb and a short comb. Also I bought an Arko stick and a number of sample packs of different blades.

Now that I'm aging my skin has become very sensitive, the skin on my neck has loosened, and my beard has become like 60 grit sandpaper. A difficult combination to deal with. But the Old Type and the New long comb with the Gillette Silver Blue blade is working well for me.

There's something about these old school safety razors. Masculine little machines. History in them. For me, they add a new dimension to shaving, making it more enjoyable.

Thank you all, gentlemen and ladies here, for sharing your knowledge of wet shaving.
Welcome to B&B. You are not wrong that traditional wet shaving might give you enjoyment.

Once you have finished playing with those dangerous safety razors, you can explore the delights of straight-razor shaving. Safety razors are dangerous (and scare me) because you can't see that sharp edge on your skin while shaving.

Straight razors are much less stressful to shave with. There is a reason why we refer to it as the gentlemanly art.
Welcome! I love it when new people post that things are going well. That's simply awesome and the type of experience were hope everyone has.

As you progress in this hobby/activity you may encounter issues, have questions, or want to share your learnings. We're here for you now and in the future. Don't be afraid to reach out... It's a great group of people here.
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