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Hello everyone I am new to the forum. I have been shaving with double edge razors for a few years. I currently use a Merkur hd and a Gillette slim. I remember my dad having a Gillette ball end tech and a couple slims and I would use them way back when I first started shaving.Then I received a Gillette sensor in the mail for signing up for the draft. Then I used Mach 3 and so on for a while. I started getting ingrown real bad and started researching the issue and it led me back to DE razors. Thanks for having me.

Hello and welcome, Tony. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself more fully.
Thanks. My last shave was with a G3 slim with a silver blue using TOBS sandalwood finished off with poraso green aftershave. It was a great experience.
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