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Hello B&B Wetshaving Community!

I've been perusing this forum for some time now and finally took a moment to register.

I've been wetshaving for just over one year now and have learned a lot from many of you on this board.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all who take the time to share their knowledge and opinions.


Welcome to the club and to ending your "lurker" status.(although, if i had done more lurking and less purchasing.......)

I recently stopped lurking, too. There's just something creepy about lurking. :eek:

No one has bitten so far, so you made a good choice. Welcome!

Welcome to B&B and feel free to join in the fun! Posting is always a good way to start. We also have the Shave Of The Day.. Post, put in a picture, and comments are always welcome!:w00t:
Welcome to the board.

Look up some of the past posts as well for good history and in-depth discussions
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