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Hello - Razor Help, Suggestions

Hi Gents

I’m new to the forum, have followed for several years and always found it very informative.

I’d like to ask for a few recommendations. I’ve been DE shaving for several years now, having picked it up in my late 30s and enjoy it. Mostly use vintage Gillette. The issue I have is that my facial hair is very, very thick and coarse, and my skin sensitive and prone to cuts and bleeders - especially my neck area.

Ive tried aggressive razors with a smoother blade, with some luck, but burn and pulling happens - slim adjustable on a higher setting with a Derby, for example. Also the opposite, a milder razor with a sharp blade, which lends to cuts but less burn - Super Speed with a feather or Astra. Always use a very cushiony lather or cream, otherwise my skin is burned. Feather doesn’t seem to cut it with my thick hair.

I’d like to find a vintage Gillette that is smooth, but aggressive enough to cut through my facial hair comfortably, without having to do too many passes. Maybe such a thing does not exist…

Any suggestions? Ive tried vintage UK Aristrocrat #22, which was way way too harsh. Red tip US model, which was a touch too mild, even with a sharp blade. The 1940s Super Speeds and Slim Adjustable seem to be the best so far for me.

Some have suggested trying a Senator or Sheraton. I’m a bit cautious of the open comb razors as they sound like a razor burn fiasco, but who knows.

Thanks - I know this is so individual, but ideas would be appreciated.

If a Red Tip is not aggressive enough, you might now be too far off from an open comb.. some are not super aggressive.. New Short Comb is a smooth shaver that can mow down some thick growth. JM
I would look into a few other important factors that can make a difference. Map your beard to make sure your shaving for less irritation and maybe ATG pass is not for you . 2-3 day growth should be enough to see your growth pattern.( not sure you have mapped your beard?)
Pre shave could also help you if your not using any yet. Softer whiskers are easier to slice and hopefully these few suggestions could help.
Have some great shaves!
Until I tried again this past OCtober I was under the impression that I did not like open Combs. By shaving with a steep angle, I found I could get an efficiency and comfort level at least equal to a solid bar. The New SC is a good recommendation, as is the Old Type. if you want to try a modern razor I would suggest a Fatip.


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@Ray Lemko, welcome to B&B. You problems will be solved if you decide to learn the gentlemanly art of straight razor shaving.

Don't be scared. I'm scared of "safety" razors. How you can shave and not see the edge of the blade on your skin, I will never understand.
I’m with some of the others. Old Type, or Fatip open comb if you’d like to go modern. I recently decided to switch to 2 passes (plus touch ups if necessary) for most of my shaves and my skin has been very appreciative while achieving equivalent results.
I also have sensitive skin and quite heavy growth, had a really good shave last evening with a Merkur 37C loaded with a Gilette 7 o’clock (green pack) very smooth shave and minimal irritation.
I am of the view that a razor being open or closed comb makes no difference to its aggression, I think it is blade gap, blade exposure, and head geometry that matters although others may disagree. Many open comb razors are very mild indeed and nothing to be afraid of. I recommend a Single Ring or a Goodwill, these are the best Gillette razors I have ever tried and I suspect that Gillette have never improved upon them; certainly no solid bar or TTO Gillette razor that I have tried has been an improvement. Good luck.
Many thanks for the helpful replies.

I think I may try a New Short Comb. They seem to come in a variety of handle options, from light and thin to thicker and heavy. What are your preferences?


Welcome to B & B where shaving knowledge, friendly people and rabbit holes abound...

My thoughts with the beard growth you have described it may be beneficial to look at a RazoRock SLOCK or a PAA DOC... both have decent reputations and the open comb may help a bit.
Thanks for the helpful replies. I just got my hands on a very nice gold plated Gillette New short comb razor. Have only used it a few times, but its clearly the best razor, for me, that Ive tried. Closest, most comfortable shaves, and I feel much more in control of the blade for some reason. No cuts or bleeders really to speak of, or much irritation. Even my girlfriend commented on how smooth my face has been. It was clear at the first shave that you must use minimal pressure with this one. I think I can pause the razor quest, perhaps try the Old type in a few months.

Thanks again

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