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Hello (new user)

Hi, new user here.

Josh, 31 Male

Now that the Iowa winter's over, I decided to shave again. My wife got me a best badger brush and some shave soap for Xmas.

I finally decided that cartridge shaving was not for me. The price is high, and the results were so-so. I found some mantic videos on DE shaving, and I was hooked!

Got a pretty frugal setup for starters, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Best badger brush
William's Mug soap puck in an old coffee mug
Shave Factory's entry level DE safety razor ($12)
about 60 blades, Derby's and Wilkinson Sword (haven't tried the latter yet)

10 days of shaving, and I'm really satisfied with DE shaving and the products I have, especially for the price.

I did just order a vintage Super Speed Z1 (1954) on ebay. Hopefully I'll like it.

Any tips for someone with a coarse beard would be appreciated.

Tried my first against the grain pass today, and I did get a bit of razor bumps on my lower neck, but it was definitely the closest shave I've ever had. Just need the skin to toughen up a bit or maybe not rush the shave prep so my skin is adequately protected.

My wife is pretty baffled with this new obsession of mine :D
Welcome to the forum! My biggest tip for a course beard would be to make sure you don't skip out on prep. Good prep will go a long way in softening those whiskers.
From another new member, welcome. Although the sky's the limit regarding how much you spend on this simple "hobby," be encouraged that you can still get better and more enjoyable shaves than you have ever had at a very reasonable price. It all comes down to desire and discipline. Have fun.
Hello and welcome, Josh. Great to have you here. B&B is a super forum filled with friendly, helpful shavers.
My first blade was a Derby. They are OK for the first shave but I think you will find that the subsequent shaves will be less desirable. There are many blades to choose, but only you will can decide what's best for your skin. Good luck, you are on the right track...
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